Spinney Storytellers

Teachers from across the school as well as some very special guests.

What is there not to love about a story?

We all love or have loved stories at some point in our lives. From the first stories we were told as very young children at bedtime, to the stories we could read independently, to oral stories told to us by our parents and grandparents, to the chapter books and novels we still enjoy to this day.

Stories, of whatever kind, are powerful, therapeutic, nurturing, knowledge-giving, perspective-shaping and comforting. What is there that a story cannot do?

We’ve put together this collection of stories to enable you, the listener, to enjoy them at any time of day, once or on repeat, in the comfort of you home. We do hope you really enjoy them. Happy listening!

Why are stories important?
  • Stories are universal
  • Stories help us understand our place in the world
  • Stories help shape our perspective of the world
  • Stories help us to learn how to act wisely
  • Stories pass down knowledge and morals
  • Stories help us understand other people and their perspectives